Solo Exhibition Gray Loft Gallery

Picnic, oil on canavs, 60x72", 2020

PICNIC documents a tea party in the desert with cake, pink icing and cups of blue lemonade. Inspired by the artist’s watchful eye over her daughters, the large paintings seem to celebrate the simple joys of childhood, but on second glance odd clues intermingle with the idyllic scenes. The three young girls are wearing protective gloves while roughly sketched backgrounds loosely describe a less-than-nurturing environment. PICNIC is a poignant reflection of our time.

Three For Tea, oil on canavs, 48x72", 2020

April - May 2020

Serving the Cake, oil on canavs, 72x48", 2020

Safe and Clean Still Life, oil on canavs

The Cake, oil on canavs, 24x24"

Leaf Lick by the Warehouse, oil on canavs, 60 x 72", 2020